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She was afraid to form bond with anyone after her first friend, the butterfly, died, and Euden was the first person who she fell in love with. When she wanted a human form she thought of the original Mym, who had loved and died for Alberius, as inspiration. She took her form as in honor of her and because Euden looks like Alberius, she might want to, in some twisted way, fulfilled the real Mym's wish to be with him.

And by the way, this is coming from someone who don't give a shit about waifu. I am just a person who like to stick closely to canon and don't like misinformation. Contrary to what pop culture may tell you, it's actually okay to love someone, nor does focusing on that make you a lesser person or less "dimensional". Arguably, she is a lot more open to new experiences, more versatile in her approaches to new situations, helpful to people other than herself, and stepping far outside her original comfort zone as a direct consequence of focusing entirely on her love for another.

Everything she has done in both the events and story-wise since declaring her love to be her guiding force would not have happened if she didn't follow through on her self-chosen passion - a trait that was present before she aimed it at love. She is growing as a result of it, and if you cared more about her as an actual character rather than be miffed that her love for a man is featured front and center all the time, you would notice this. So you say "literally nothing comes of it" but you're actually completely wrong. Everything about her character has evolved heavily beyond the static way-of-being and past-obsessed navel gazing that possessed her for so long, if you read her dragon stories - and all because of her love.

Her combat abilities have never once been in question as a staple of her character - she survived the war with Alberius and is a known frontliner from it. That really doesn't need much more development, except when situation calls. You prefaced being completely wrong about saying "literally nothing comes of it" by also saying you like romance - but I get this mild suspicion that the hetero romance cranked up to 11 here is really what's bothering you, because you have something against it - so you just intrinsically think that because something you personally don't like is a major part of a character you would otherwise like more, if only they catered to your tastes instead - you feel the need to discredit it as valuable or worthwhile.

However, it IS valuable and worthwhile, and growing Brunhilda as a character tremendously compared to her past and personal convictions as a result. You don't have to approve of her love or how shamelessly she panders it for it to add more to her character rather than take away from it - you're just distracted by your own disapproval to see the forest for the trees.

Euden has a profound effect on Brunhilda. Taking in her character and story as a whole, her reaction and behavior in Mym-form seems perfectly reasonable and in character. Despite having the reputation of Wrathwym, Brunhilda is mentioned to only burn one me colony to the ground before going into isolation again. Over centuries, maybe a millennium, Brunhilda rarely interacted with beings other than dragons.

She mentions she hates farewells, thought humans are of little value to dragons, she thought human Mym was foolish and an idiot for being so in love with Alberius, and thought valuing lesser beings as preposterous. While the change from a recluse to a very assertive and outgoing person seems sudden, Brunhilda mentions she was considering how she would handle being in love, of whether she could leave her home the volcano , and how she was waiting for someone like Euden. I agree the writing of that particular scene is lacking context and motivation for Brunhilda. The transition could have been more believable had Brunhilda had some dialogue about being alone for so long, or that she had forsaken life for too long.

Even then it might have felt rushed. Did you read Brunhilda's dragon stories? They develop Brunhilda quite a bit and pretty clearly set up her eventually meeting with Euden. It might not be "development" because you can only read them after it all goes down, but anything more is asking a little much from a character who gets all of four scenes. I wasnt a huge Brunhilda-Mym fan either but I think her dragon stories really tie her character together, here are her Brunhilda and High Brunhilda stories on the wiki.

When using her dragon form, she is a bad ass warrior though; her skill does crazy damage when you nail it. Read her High Dragon story. It at least justifies some of it, and adds a lot more to her character. It was a really good story, and built a good character foundation for her. A lot of other people have covered the main points I was going to make, so I'll address them from another angle. I still see the same prideful, passionate warrior in Mym, just a lot less of it because she hasn't had a lot of screen time, what with the crew being perpetually stuck in events that take place between chapters 2 and 3.

But in Chapter 7, she was quite eager to torch the landscape and the city as it would be the easiest way to solve the party's troubles, and Euden had to back her off "Please don't make Mercury cry", etc. And in the Christmas event, her pride and her definition of what dragons should represent to humans drives a lot of her interactions with Jeanne D'Argon. She's quite happy to explain to the group how the folly of technology led to humans getting thrashed by dragons since she still sees dragons as superior to most humans. I don't intend to spoiler the High Brunhilda dragon stories for you, as I thought they were quite good, but as far as I know its the first time where Brunhilda is just thinking to herself about stuff.

It's the first time where we get to see past her facades and arrogance and peer at what makes her tick. And I really wish that such a key part of her personality wasn't locked behind something most people won't be able to do at all until another Water facility event comes around. But, that's the downside to playing a game with serialized content releases, you end up waiting months to get the next bit of story for a character you want to know more about. What in-game dialogue are people referencing to get Brunhilda is somehow a different or special warrior compared with other Greatwyrms?

When you get high brunhilda you'll understand why she fell in love so quickly from her story. Calm down. No objections to Mym being in love with cardboard? Euden is every Pioneer anime harem main character. He's just And thats it. Not sure why you're getting downvoted, Euden is hilariously boring. Kinda wish they went with a silent protagonist a la Granblue instead, at least that way I could project onto the character that bears my name.

You're not wrong; I brought up the fact that most characters are very one-note. It could be a problem of having so many characters in a gacha game, you kind of have to find a personality trait to make them unique and lean hard into it. Just look at the many different big beefy axe wielders and how they make them different from Ranzal. I disagree, honestly. Of course you didn't play through chapter 7. There's not a single "darling I love you" line. To which chapter did you get?

The end of the one you obtain her from? Well I thought I completed all of the story that was available but I just realized that was chapter 6 and apparently I didn't notice chapter 7 was released. So I guess I'll work on that when I get home. I would also like to add that I completed the previous event, the New Year's one, and I stand by my statement, because that one is more recent.

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Ranzal is the ultimate protector of the smol ones. Help me? Why should I believe that? You have some nerve, peppering me with insolence as I lie dying. All of you have trifled with the wrong dragon!

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I wake from my nightmare only to find myself being coddled by whelps like you? Oh, this is shameful indeed. First a human tries to kill me, and now I find humans battling to protect me. What a strange day this has become. What funny little creatures you are. And what, may I ask, are your motives? You would have me believe that? The mana here has been disturbed. I may have gotten Oh, you poor things. It's too late for that.

The eruption will occur long before you reach the exit. The crater is just ahead; it serves as a massive focal point for this land's mana. If I go there, I may be able to correct the mana disturbance. Once it is stabilized, the volcanic activity will soon cease. No, that's dragons. You DO realize that we rule over mana, yes? It's as much a part of me as my own blood. You ought to know as much. Now begone. Fly away from here. I will see to the volcano. I cannot do it The mana refuses to be contained Do as I say, volcano! Heed your master!

At the very least, give those fool humans time to escape! Why have you come here?! Do not tell me what I can or cannot do! I refuse your aid! I will have you know, sylvan, that my power is not to be questioned! Do not insult me! I'd sooner you forge a pact with me than let another dragon lay hand on this mana.

I rule this domain. No one else! The mana in the pactstone we form may be enough to quell the volcano's ire. But I'm not that easy, Prince. If you want my power, you shall have to earn it. There are certain rituals that must be upheld. First show me what power you have, THEN we may forge the pact! You possess great strength, boy— the kind I've not seen in quite some time. Maybe I just didn't feel like hurting you.

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Answer me this: Why do you seek power? I knew you had a motive. THAT was your reason? You are a very strange man, little Prince. Such boors. Must you spoil my first pleasant conversation in years? I shall remember those words. And if you fail me in any way whatsoever, I shall reduce you to ash. Well spoken. I have been waiting for a man like you to appear for quite some time. The last such man was Alberius, at whose side I fought in ages past. But that was only to protect this volcano, the place of my birth.

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With you, I believe we can go further. I might even be talked out of my home! You have proven yourself. I accept. Euden, dragon defender! I acknowledge you as my true king! I am , mistress of crimson, the inferno clad, and the flame that shall guide your way! Each pactstone contains a vast quantity of mana condensed into crystal form. Our stone absorbed all the mana that was out of balance. I don't mind the age difference so much, but the appearance difference will take some getting used to Do I look human now? The few characteristics we can pull out are: prideful passionate to the point of losing control.

Pissed off that she was, out of nowhere, intruded upon and brutalized in her own home. Actually dying. I agree with you Brunhilda has not done any sort of complete personality switch. Marriage is mentioned twice: MYM - We are practically married! RANZAL - Ya thought this guy was givin' up his old bond, and all of a sudden it's less a remarriage and more a polygamy thing. Are you using a different translation?

Brunhilda encountering Euden is a profound moment of character growth for Brunhilda. Oh, how I laughed.

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People act differently around different people and in different situations. But why so much emphasis on Brunhilda specifically being a badass? Seems to me some people are putting Brunhilda up on a pedestal. What would be a better option? Have Brunhilda remain in dragon form? Why does the age thing matter?

Also, the "age thing" matters because an adult crushing on a kid is gross, always. The Virgin Mary was a teenager for goodness sake. I can see where you're coming from. Have a skip ticket, too! Skippuchiketto mougeru ne! Aishtawa koregamairukara ne. Sai ko! I like it. Both seems a bit overkill for me. There's backstory for her in the 2 dragon stories. Why would being defeated by someone you consider inferior mellow you out?

She even threatens Euden: And if you fail me in any way whatsoever, I shall reduce you to ash. That leads us then to the question of: Why did you have those expectations? What part of her introduction created a sense of whatever you wanted her to be? When and where did I say your opinion was wrong???

It has been a while since I cleared Chapter 3. While Sonny was in the middle of a call from her mother, who was helping her pick her outfit for her date with Chad, the cast of So Random! When they saw how Sonny was dressed and how many of her clothes were scattered around the dressing room, they accused her that she was going on a date, but she said that she only wanted to try on her dresses.

She made up an excuse that she would not be able to go with them for pizza, not because she was going on a date, but because she would have to take care of her mom who has a sprained ankle. After the cast left her dressing room after getting their hands on the coupons that they came for, she went ahead and got ready for her date with Chad. The cast of So Random! They found out that Sonny was lying about her mom's sprained ankle and was in fact with Chad, so they immediately rushed out of her house. Meanwhile, Chad finally finished getting dressed and picked up Sonny at her dressing room.

Sonny and Chad were surprised to find the cast of So Random! When the So Random! They managed to bribe them into believing their lie by letting them take whatever they could in the limo. During the date itself, Sonny and Chad were having their first date jitters. Chad got too nervous and forgot everything he knew about sushi, so he ended up drinking lots of water in order to avoid Sonny's questions.

When Chad decided to tell Sonny how nervous he was, he accidentally threw up all the water he drank on Sonny. The next day, the throwing up incident got on the cover of Tween Weekly , making everyone know that Chad and Sonny did have a date the previous night. When Sonny demanded an explanation from Chad, he said how much he wanted the date to be perfect, and all the things he did to make it awesome. Sonny was getting touched with everything nice he said about her, but he ended up on ruining their moment when he said it was all Sonny's fault.

He even went on to say that he still wanted to see Sonny, but he does not want to be seen with Sonny, making her storm out in anger. Later that day, when Sonny was at home sulking, her mother tried to cheer her up by throwing out DVDs of MacKenzie Falls , and was about to throw away season three herself when Chad came in through the window. They let him in after they saw that he was slipping, and he was about to apologize to Sonny about what he said when he got distracted when he saw that she threw away season 3 of MacKenzie Falls.

Sonny got mad at him and told him to leave the way he came in, and he said that he would do so, but through a different window, in order to show her the billboard that he had made. All memories of meeting, falling in love and marrying Brayden were completely gone. After the accident, I struggled to read, write, and speak coherent sentences, and my damaged short term memory caused me to forget everything I read within moments. I had to drop out of school.

8 Things to Have the Doctor Check After an Aging Person Falls

My pain levels were intense with absolutely no breaks for the first two years; I literally carried an airplane barf bag in my purse everywhere I went. The absolute worst part, though, was the memory loss. I would wake up and scream out of fear because I had no idea who my husband was. Being married to a complete stranger took its toll on Laura, however, the strong woman refused to give up on her marriage. So, she decided to try to fall in love with him again.

There were many nights I cried myself to sleep. Eventually, he made a conscious choice to change that. He started being more gentle, loving, and selfless with me. He became my best friend as I started feeling like I could open up to him. We would go on endless drives, talking for hours. We could laugh for hours and not get tired of each other. After starting all over again as strangers, Laura eventually started having feelings for him.

I started asking him on fun dates. We would talk on the phone on his breaks, and do everything people who are newly dating would do. It took over two years for Laura to recover from the accident. The process took a while, but it was so incredibly worth it. Like what you're reading? Subscribe to our top stories. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app.

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